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House of Metal 2014
By: Nino Vukovic » 2014-02-12
We'll be playing at House of Metal 2014 in Umeå along with a bunch of other great bands!

Check out their website.

The Grand Return
By: Nino Vukovic » 2012-09-28
We have a great show coming up featuring our friends in Paranorm and Conflagrator!

Check out this Facebook event for more info!

Video Recordings from the Studio.
By: Nino Vukovic » 2012-08-01
First we have Oscar Moritz playing a drum part in this video:

We also have a pretty smokin' guitar solo played by Filip Ghanime:

Here's the latest one that we recorded recently:

As you can tell, the songwriting on our next album is coming along great, and we can't wait to show you more of it in the coming year until they album is finished!
By: Nino Vukovic » 2012-04-18
Updates, updates, updates!
By: Nino Vukovic » 2012-04-15
Hails from beyond the veil of causality and stuff, people! We have kicked stuff into high gear lately within the band and this, among many other future things, means that you can now find us on Facebook as well as on Spotify and iTunes!

This also means that our previous Myspace has been abandoned in favor of our Facebook page. Don't worry, however, you can listen to (as well as purchase) our songs under the "MusicStore" tab on our Facebook.

All relevant links can be found below:

Atheist Crusade on iTunes

Atheist Crusade on Spotify

Immaculate on Facebook

We also have two news gigs coming. One is in Stockholm at 21/4 2012 and the other is at Östhammar at 27/4 2012. Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook for more information!

Stellar Eclipse, Eternal Night!
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